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Clizia Macchi - To the Roots

03-24 September 2023

Íðnó Exhibition Room (2nd floor)

Vonarstræti 3, 101 Reykjavík.

abstract painting of a city in deep blue
C.Macchi "Visione, V" - oil and pencil on treated paper, 50,8 x 40,6 cm , 2022

Meet the artist for a free 30 minute appointment to discover more about the exhibition.

To the Roots: movement vs stillness

To the Roots is a title meant to explore opposite meanings: there’s direction, indicated by the word “to”, implying the physical activity of moving towards something or from one place to another. And there is also stillness, a sense of quiet attachment, belonging and safety that is brought by the word “Roots”. So where are our roots, and how do you get there?

Direct inspiration from literature

The images shown in this exhibition are representations of imaginary towns and cities with peculiar and sometimes not too stable a structure: you can see them standing on sticks, others are hanging upside down, or having a twin reflected in the waters. From afar the towns appear almost like visions in the landscape, or mirages in the desert, and the visitor approaches them with feelings of curiosity, marvel, rejection.

Taking inspiration from Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, Clizia has found a deep connection between her personal experience as a foreign national for over 10 years with the tale told by Marco Polo in the book. The dialogue he develops with the Khan about travels and experiencing places in different ways is a perfect ground for all the questions that inevitably arise after the contact with a place different from one's home country.

A distinctive technique

The technique used in this series responded to a need of change and disruption, towards a more bold and immediate method of work, at the same time allowing for extremely narrow room for mistakes. The result obtained is somehow closer to graphics rather than oil painting, on which she made the final touches with pencil.

The journey towards the roots is a personal movement through space, time and techniques, in search for a symbolic safe place that feels comfortable, where to develop both personal life and the practice of painting.

Visitors info

The exhibition will remain open during Íðnó's opening hours until the 24th of September. Clizia Macchi is available for appointment for those who would like to know more about this series or about her works in general.

You can book your thirty minutes free appointment below:

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