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Luca Macchi - The Land of Dream

Luca macchi cipressi magici painting
I cipressi Magici (veliero), oil and gold leaf on wooden panel, 30x29,2 cm , 2018

It is with great pleasure that Magma Art Space is finally able to announce Luca Macchi's first exhibition in Iceland, that will take place from the 16th until the 30th of June, at the ex Þula Gallery in Hjartatorg, downtown reykjavik.

Luca macchi painter in his studio
Luca in his studio in San Miniato, Tuscany (photo by Stefano Coltelli Photographer)

Luca lives and works in Tuscany, Italy: he is an established artist well known in the academic world: his career spans over 35 years, with numerous solo and group exhibitions all over Italy and Europe, and more recently Japan.

He is lecturer at LABA Florence, honorary member of the Accademia delle Arti del disegno (Academy of the art of drawing, which count members such as Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello to name a few), and president of several local cultural institutions, as well as author and curator of numerous art volumes.

Starting with experiments on the “informale” (lit: “without a particular shape”), he soon begins to develop a human shape that comes out of a magmatic environment and gradually emerges out of the tuscan landscape, inhabitant and protector at the same time.

The myth of Orpheus as the embodiment of the Artist inspires many years of his career and it is a solid presence in his works, although never repetitive and always balanced with the typical features of the territory: cypresses, hills, real leaves applied on canvas.

The colours are also true to the land: ochres, yellow, golden and the purple and deep blues of the sunsets and night skies. Luca’s skilled use of gold leaf gives his paintings the essence of dreams: he shows a land that is similar to the one he lives in, and yet at the same time it’s the keeper of something sacred, home of saints, poets, and other mythological creatures.

This is surely in stark contrast with Icelandic art, and that is precisely the reason that convinced me to show Luca here in the north: to bring something new and different, and that could perhaps serve as a source of inspiration for other artists.

The opening event will start at 2pm on Saturday 17th June, and we welcome everyone walking around for the festivities to stop by and enter the Land of Dream.

We hope to see you there,

The Magma Team

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