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An introduction to Magma Art Space

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

As I’m writing this article from a cafe in Reykjavík, overlooking the old harbour and the mighty Esja, I cannot but think how excited I am to see Magma Art Space coming to life.

It has been a journey full of surprises, discoveries and challenges, springing from the desire to turn my passions into a business by offering a different, original and personal solution in the creative and art industry.

Magma Art Space Logo

Each challenge contributed to the growth and the strengthening of the project, eventually settling for the name Magma Art Space, and I am now very happy to announce its first endeavours.

Before I go on talking about the upcoming events, though, I’d like to explain the reason behind the name Magma, since it has a special double connotation to me.

First of all, Magma and Fiori del Magma (trad: Flowers of Magma) are the titles of two series of paintings by one of our artists, Luca Macchi, dated respectively late 80s and late 90s.

Even though there’s almost a decade between the two series, they are indeed connected not only by the name, but also by a development of the concept: if the 80s Magma was characterised by a rich painting matter, strong and stubborn, sometimes clashing with drawing elements, yet not chaotic or lacking order, then Fiori del Magma clearly sees a harmonious coming together of all the previous elements, almost if all these years were necessary for the flowers to bloom from the rocks that once were lava.

The idea of something amorphous and yet in the process of taking shape has always been fascinating to me, so that feeling of change played a big part when choosing the name (the fact that both series are also my personal favourites might also have had an impact).

The other, more personal reason behind such name comes from the fact that, living in Iceland, the presence of magma, lava, and other powerful natural elements is a constant presence in my daily life. I, as a human, am constantly reminded of my status of guest on this island.

The Fagradalsfjall eruption of a few years ago has marked the moment I decided to dedicate myself to this project and make it a profession, so there was no other name better suited than Magma.

Therefore, I am very pleased to start off with a duo exhibition of one Icelandic and one Italian artists, thinking of it as the realisation of the primary scope of Magma: creating connections between Iceland and Italy, two countries with a very important creative scenes and one of the most important artistic heritage and traditions.

Thanks for making it until the end of the post.

In the next ones I will talk more of what Magma Art Space has to offer to both artists and collectors, and present the upcoming exhibitions.

Best wishes,


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1 Comment

Congratulations Dear Clizia I am so happy for you and for making your dream come true😊🌷

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